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Our Services

Full Service

Choose our full service option to get one or two home organizers, depending on your goals, to handle what you need done.

Ideally, our clients are part of the organization process, deciding what items to keep and what to purge. However, If you want to walk into your home and find it fully organized, we're happy to handle that work for you.

This service starts with a free in-home consultation.

We work within your goals, and we'll set a budget for organizing supplies with you before we get started on the fun part. As part of that financial plan, we charge a low rate for all shopping services, including choosing organizing products, making all purchases, and handling any returns.

Our team charges an hourly rate for organization services.

Do-It-Yourself (With a Little Help)

Maybe you'd prefer to do your own organizing, but you don't know where to begin. We can help here, too!

Our DIY home organization services start with an in-home consultation. We'll help you plan your project, recommend the right supplies for your specific needs, and develop a set of instructions to walk you through your organizing. In addition, we'll stay in touch with you by email from start to finish.

Packing / Unpacking

Moving? We are happy to help you!

  • Packing.
  • Staging for real estate showing.
  • Unpacking and organizing your new space.

Subscription Plan *new

Subscribe for monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly organization sessions to maintain your organized space.

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